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About Us

Lippy’s Everything Office has been bringing you envelopes that close and pens that write for close to 50 years now. Starting off as Lippy’s Office Supplies in 1968, Rubin Lipschitz took to the streets of Johannesburg and set out to create a stationery empire. This brazen spirit has led to Lippy’s thriving, with a few changes, while others fell by the wayside.

Lippy’s Office Supplies merged with InTouch Stationers in 2006 to create a stationery powerhouse called Lippy’s Stationers. The company grew even more, adding new divisions selling everything your office would need including office furniture, groceries, printing and corporate gifts and clothing.

We took a look at ourselves and in 2014 decided that our current name and look didn’t really cover everything we did. In October 2014, we rebranded our company to become Lippy’s Everything Office.

We offer over 9000 product lines including stationery and office consumables, printer cartridges, canteen and janitorial supplies, office furniture and corporate gifts and clothing. We also offer printing services to make sure getting your business cards, flyers and brochures is as easy as ordering your pens and paper.

Our five in one solution means that you only need to phone one supplier to cover all that your office needs at the best prices, saving you money and giving you more time to liven up your office.

Our well stocked warehouse is able to fulfil your order as quickly as possible and our fleet of dedicated drivers and delivery vehicles means that you’ll get what you need when you need it wherever you are in South Africa.