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We all know that every office functions on a daily hit of caffeine and sugar. At Lippy’s Groceries, we’ve got your essential daily break time food and drink needs covered. Whether it’s your regular monthly order or an emergency stock up, we can provide the best in office groceries and canteen supplies.

From hot drinks and milk to soft drinks, sugar and treats, we can keep your break room, canteen or the CEO’s secret biscuit stash well stocked. We’ve got everything you need to fill your mug, grab a snack or enjoy a refreshing beverage, including utensils like paper plates, Styrofoam cups and serviettes.

With our wide range of janitorial supplies, you’ll be prepared for any messy situation. From keeping your kitchen, bathroom or offices sparkling, clean and fresh to wiping up unexpected spills, dusting and keeping bugs away, we’ve got everything you need to keep your workspace looking its best.

Buying your groceries from Lippy’s Groceries means you won’t have to deal with queues or the stress of getting your canteen essentials to your offices. The personal relationship your groceries representative builds with you makes sure that your job is less stressful and time consuming, whether you need help with finding alternatives, want to try a sample or have a supply emergency.

Ordering your groceries with us is simple. If you already have an account with any division at Lippy’s Everything Office, you can place your order immediately. If you don’t have an account with us, contact us to open your account today.